Promate Inflatable Safety Tube Sausage with Whistle  - SA020
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Promate Inflatable Safety Tube Sausage with Whistle - SA020


*For long distance
*Diver rescue request signal
*Closing throat automatically closed when inflated
*Includes 8" X 3.75" compact nylon carry bag and whistle
*Dimension: 65"(L) x 5" (W)


Customer Reviews

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Dr. Rob
Don't waste your money

I returned this, and here's why.

It's about six feet long, which is pretty good. However, there is NO inflate hose. None. What you do is spread apart the bottom, open your mouth wide, and blow into it. Then, you quickly fold it over a couple of times to keep the air in. Read that again: you fold it over like a paper bag to keep the air in. When you're on the surface and trying to signal a boat in rough waters or are in distress, the LAST thing you want is to have to hold this thing shut to keep the air in. There is NO way to hold it shut or keep the air in any other way. Then, to empty it, just let go and the 3 inch opening (it's not a hole, more of a 3" long slit) lets the air out for the next time you're in an emergency.

I tried it at home on my couch, and in the comfort of my own home (not a roiling sea surface) I couldn't get it closed fast enough to keep enough air in so that it would stand straight and use all six feet.

This is, I guess, designed so you can insert your BCD hose into the end to inflate it. But I tried that and found it extremely difficult to do, and again, couldn't get enough air into it to make it firm enough that it wouldn't bend in half. I have NO idea who finds this product acceptable. It stinks. When you're in distress trying to get the boat's attention, I would NEVER trust my life to this. Not ever.

There are MUCH better safety sausages out there. I know because I bought one (see: Scuba Diving 4ft Neon Yellow Surface Marker Signal Tube w/ Plastic Clip).

You Need This!

Used it the very first time I hooked it on my BC. The dive boat found us in the high surf thanks to the tube!

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