Kids are snorkelers too! Your child deserves the same considerations with their equipment as mom and dad. These junior snorkel gears and snorkel kits are designed specifically for kids with budget-conscious parents. Our mask and snorkel setsare manufactured with the same high-quality materials as their adult versions. They are not your toy store sets. Be sure to trust our diving snorkeling equipment.

Youth Snorkel Sets

Discover the perfect youth snorkel sets designed specifically for younger swimmers. These sets combine comfort, safety, and style, ensuring kids snorkel with confidence. Ideal for beginners and experienced young divers alike, our youth snorkel sets are the gateway to underwater adventures.

Kids Snorkel Essentials

Our divers kids snorkel set is tailored for the littlest adventurers, offering unparalleled underwater experiences. Engineered for comfort and durability, these essentials make snorkeling accessible and enjoyable for kids. Dive into our collection and find the perfect divers kids snorkel set for your young explorer.

Snorkeling Gear for Young Explorers

Explore our wide range of snorkeling gear, crafted with young explorers in mind. From lightweight masks to easy-to-use fins, our gear is designed to enhance every underwater journey. This snorkeling gear is the key to unlocking the wonders of the sea for children and teens.

Divers Kids Snorkel Set Highlights

Featuring top-of-the-line safety and comfort, our divers kids snorkel set stands out. Each piece is selected for its ease of use and reliability, ensuring kids have the best possible experience underwater. Highlights include user-friendly masks and snorkels that are perfect for young divers venturing into the ocean or pool.

Quality Snorkeling Equipment Picks

Our collection of quality snorkeling equipment picks includes toddler snorkel gear designed for the smallest members of your family. With safety and comfort as our top priorities, these pieces ensure even toddlers can enjoy the underwater world. Our toddler snorkel gear is perfect for introducing the joys of snorkeling early on.

Top Youth Snorkel Sets

Find the best in child snorkel gear within our top youth snorkel sets. Tailored to fit the younger demographic perfectly, these sets offer both safety and a great underwater experience. Our child snorkel gear is chosen for its durability, comfort, and ease of use, making it ideal for young snorkelers.

Junior Dry Snorkel Advantages

The junior dry snorkel offers significant advantages for kids snorkel activities, including preventing water from entering the snorkel tube. This technology allows for a more enjoyable and safer snorkeling experience, reducing the risk of inhaling water. With our kids snorkel selection, young swimmers can focus on exploring underwater wonders with greater confidence and comfort.

Snorkel gear for kids (17)

Promate Spectrum Junior Scuba Dive Prescription Snorkeling RX Mask - MK298 RX


Promate Junior 100% Dry Snorkel - SK080


Promate Spectrum Jr. Snorkel Combo Set with Snorkeling Fins With Snorkel Vest Jacket - SCS0098 +SV01


Promate Spectrum Youth Snorkel Combo Set with Snorkeling Fins - SCS0098


Promate Spectrum Youth Prescription RX Snorkel Combo Set with Snorkeling Fins - SCS0098 RX


Promate Spectrum Juniors Snorkeling Mask for Kids - MK298


Kid's/Children's Dry Snorkel w/Purge & Silicone Mouthpiece for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Childs Snorkel - SK070


Promate Avanti Petite Side-view Edgeless Scuba Dive Mask - MK492


Promate Junior Snorkeling Vest Jacket for Water Sports Scuba Diving Swimming - BC050


Custom Made Prescription Promate Spectrum Junior Scuba Dive Snorkeling Mask - MK298 Custom


Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel Set for kids - SCS0033


Junior Snorkeling Scuba Dive PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel Gear Set for kids - SCS0035


Junior Snorkeling Scuba Dive PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel Fins Gear Set for kids - SCS0057


Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel FULL FOOT Fins Set for kids - SCS0075


Promate Chico Junior PURGE Mask - MK048


Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel Fins w/ Mesh Bag Set for kids - SCS0041


Junior Snorkeling Scuba Dive PURGE Mask DRY Snorkel FULL FOOT Fins Gear Set for kids - SCS0087