Your Guide to Selecting a Prescription Dive Mask

by Get Wet Store on April 16, 2024

Whether snorkeling or scuba diving, any open-water activity demands the right equipment. A prescription dive mask is indispensable for those with vision less than 20/20. Finding a comfortable mask that lets you see clearly underwater should be a mainstay of your snorkeling gear that will allow you to appreciate the full beauty of the ocean. 

For divers with vision conditions, prescription dive masks are what they’ll need to have clear vision underwater. But how do you know how to choose the appropriate one? Let’s take a look at the different criteria to help you select a dive mask that accommodates your specific vision requirements. 

Starting Your Search: Fit and Comfort

Fit, comfort, and keeping water out are the three main ingredients you’ll want to look for in a mask.

Importance of a Good Fit

Your ideal dive mask should seal perfectly around your face and keep water out. You don’t want to be concerned with water seeping into your mask while underwater. A well-fitted dive mask should also provide clear vision and prevent fogging. 

Comfort of the Skirt Seal

The mask skirt is the part that comes in contact with your face and is usually made of silicone. Silicone is the preferred material for skirts because it can maintain a firm seal against your skin. It is also known for being soft and durable and doesn’t feel rough against the skin. A high-quality silicone skirt will conform to the contours of your face and prevent water from entering, even during lengthier dives.

Understanding Lens Options

Different lens types offer various advantages, so it's important to know what's available to find the best match for your vision requirements.

Single Vision Lenses

Single-vision lenses are perfect for divers who require uniform correction across the entire lens. Whether you have trouble seeing objects far away or close up, these lenses can be customized to improve your vision. Imagine diving with a clear view of the colorful fish and coral without straining your eyes. Single-vision lenses provide undisturbed clarity during your dives.

Bifocals and Gauge Readers

Bifocals and gauge readers offer practical solutions for those needing help seeing objects near and far. Bifocal lenses have two types of optics: the first set is for seeing longer distances toward the water surface, while the second set is for viewing objects at the bottom from short distances. Gauge readers are similar but specifically designed to help divers read their instruments. This means you can easily switch from observing what’s in front of you to checking your depth gauge. 

Materials Matter: Dive Mask Construction

The choice of materials for your dive mask will determine its durability and comfort, and understanding your choice in materials can make your purchase decision much easier.

Skirt Material

Silicone skirts are the top choice for any quality dive mask. They feel soft against your skin and provide a snug, comfortable fit that keeps water out. Silicone is also known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear from salt water and sun exposure. 

Lens Material

Tempered glass is recommended for your lens material. This type of glass offers clear views and stands up to the stresses that result from water activities. Tempered glass is less likely to break on impact, which is vital for eye protection during unexpected situations. 

Custom Vs. Generic: Finding Your Perfect Match

Should you choose a generic mask or a customized one? It's important to know the difference between the two types of masks before you make a purchase. 

Generic Dive Masks

Generic dive masks are designed to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. They do not account for specific vision issues such as astigmatism, making them a straightforward solution for divers with simpler vision correction needs. They provide a one-size-fits-all approach where detailed vision correction is not needed.

When to Choose Custom

For specific vision conditions, custom prescription dive masks are necessary for clear underwater vision. Customized prescription dive masks correct the following eye conditions:

  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism greater than 1.00D
  • Double Vision
  • History of previous eye surgeries or conditions

These masks can be modified at an individual level to account for specific vision needs. Therefore, custom prescription dive masks are personalized in a way that generic dive masks are not. 

Be Informed When Choosing Your New Dive Mask

The best mask for you is one that addresses your specific vision needs while providing you with absolute comfort, clarity, and safety throughout your dives. Choose wisely and enjoy the peace of mind that you are diving with quality and resilient masks to let you enjoy your underwater explorations.

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