How to pick the right dive mask for your face size

by Derek Fu on February 23, 2021

Picking the right dive mask so it doesn't leak is always a struggle, especially when buying online. In this guide we will let you know how and where to measure your face for optimal fit. 

If you measure from one outer corner of the eye to the next, that is your width measurement. If you measure your eyebrow down to your upper lip area, that is your height measurement. Tip: Use a ruler straight on because measuring tape will add width when measuring your nose bridge area. 

Our product listings for our RX masks have the width and height measurement, as long as you fall below that measurement the mask will fit you. Our masks are designed to be one size fits all but sizes vary from model to model. We also have a 30 day guarantee just in case the mask doesn't fit you, we can work with you on finding you another model or giving you your money back. 


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