How to fit a Dive Mask/Snorkeling Mask

by Derek Fu on September 03, 2020
In most cases, dive mask models are made to fit an array of face sizes and shapes. However, there are models that are slightly smaller or slightly wider depending on what you're looking for. Our model, Scope (MK245) - RX able is the most "standard" fit we carry at 4 1/2 inches widthwise and 3 3/8 heightwise.  It fits most faces, but in order to make sure it will fit you, you must measure from one outer corner of the eye to the other outer corner. That will account for the width measurement, so you want to fall a little bit below those measurements so that the mask will have a proper seal around your eye area. For the height measurement, measure from top of your eyebrow to the upper lip. For people with a narrow face, we would recommend the Micro (MK107) - RX able or Avanti Petite (MK492) as it is one of our narrowest product offerings. For larger faces and faces with more volume, we would recommend our Ocean Owl (MK160) or Super Scanner (MK450) - RX able.